Tuesday, January 3, 2012


its never too late to wish a hapi niu yerrr!!!.. ive been busy lately doing my revision. ok it sound so nerd man. i mean, im not that study hard type of person. its just, i think id better wasting my time on sleeping and playing games rather than blogging. heehe.. but now, i cant digest more facts abt biochem, plus i cant sleep due to effective coffee, which i didnt expect the effect will be so effective. ok. its been long time since i write pieces of craps here, bcause ive been doing much stuff on a reality writing than virtual writing as i think i have to share some thoughts with myself also. so, here we go new year, all of us will be asking the same old common question. RESOLUTIONS. big words there. highlighted some more. ok, fyi, ive been writing down my impossible resolutions 2 months ago. ok so dedicated yet motivated student kan. perasan. which, i know some of it will be possible if im really working on it. so, dont ask me what is my resolutions. its secret dude. since ive been writing and folding it into small piece of paper. but, just tell u la, in short i wanna be rich! who wants to know btw.

leaving 2011 with lots and lots of unforgettable golden memories. oh, sungguh berbunga ayat kau. ayat bajet banyak memori. ok, its true.. MANY. leaving my life as an asasi student, then directly after like 2 weeks, ive became an undergrad student. vet some more. lots of suprises. nahh, i call it SUSPENSE. ive bought like 20 BOOKS altogether in a booksales. ive touched many animals. didnt have to say what kind of animals. [including frogggiieeee]. manged to get outside from malaysia. altho only singapore, but its a great experience tho. what else huh, oh ya, meeting new friends of course. errmmm, and and using so much money for my first sem as a degree student. i mean it. A LOTTTT. i dont have any scholar some more. argghh... mmg tension. wanna buy this and that pun kena pikir bnyk kali. oh ya, been moving to the so-called beautiful college.

i just wanna wish myself and others a very good luck for final exam. dont be stress, just be tension. hahaha. got camp after exam, and then back to sabah. then, coming back here for practical. just nice.

but whatever it is, I JUST LOVE MY 2011 :D  i hope 2012 will be much more better. Insya-Allah

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