Thursday, December 22, 2011

human welfare vs. human rights

the idea of writing popped out after few incidents happened today. if animal have animal welfare and animal right so do human. one of it is about respects towards others. human have rights to be respected and humans have to be responsible in respecting others.

firstly, i just want some space for me so i can sit. but, im so shy to tell this brother. so, his friend told him "eh, ada org nak dduk tu". then, he moved his chair and i said "thank u". but then, they said "eh, org nak dduk tu, bagilah ruang", "eh, kau ni tepilah sikit" in a sarcastic tone. im a bit pissed off. ive said thank u, but why did they do that? no manners.

secondly, i dont want to explain so detail. but to sum up. ppl have rights to complain. and we admit its our fault for not respecting others. but please. complain with ur brains on. dont just complain. complain with manners. not in a rude way. please, ppl. just please. dont complain and degrading others. please and please.

lastly, i just wanna say. please ask before u talk. pls think before u talk. and please dont rely on others too much. please please and please ppl. im begging u. ppl have rights to talk but ppl's feelings also have to be considered in ur thoughts

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