Wednesday, November 9, 2011

things in my mind

so, here goes busy days again, upcoming test 2, report to submit, presentation and, im not complaining. because i know what life is without work. completely dull. so, i have went to "dilema ekonomi bangsa malaysia" by Tun Dr Mahathir. he's awesome! altho, yeah, the topic was so not my world but he had present it with full of useful general knowledge. one of his line 

"jika pendapatan naik, kos sara hidup pn akan naik kerna harga brg2 akan naik, di sini masyarakat perlunya kefahaman"

ok, so guys stop demanding for more and more salary because in the end u guys r the one will get upset with the increment in foods and all the raw materials.

anyway, thumbs up to our legend :D

as i walked thru tesco last few days, i saw this and hoped for this. lagi early lg bagus.

and this is my 5th novel thruout these 2 months. i have 4 novels left that will last, i think less than a yr, so im waiting for that bigbadwolf book aftermath sale. unfortunately, more and more things to pay. ouh.. i need to save money like seriously.

and, happy brthday beloved friends! fahmi and fawa. hehe. saja mencapap dgn epull.. mau pemesss..

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