Friday, November 4, 2011

holiday holiday lagi!

so, its weekend, and monday is holidayyyyyy. did i just say holiday?and tuesday got no class. and im goin back. yes, im goin back! goin back to my aunt's house, just around here la. but but, AT LEAST IM GOIN BACK. yes, this is call a revenge statement. clearly stated there, revenge statement. hahahahaha. sakit hati, feel free to feel so. aku mmg suka sentapkan org. altho, i know there wont b any aidiladha celebration, but at least i have somewhere to go rite, not just sitting at the room like a dumbass. so, i just wanna wish u guys, salam aidiladha and have a blessed one. maka, bertempiaran la lembu2 itu lari krna takut disembelih. at the same time, assignment masih bertimbun2 mcm gunung ganang. serta, makin bnyk jgklah bnda yg mau dibayar.

just wanna show off my stethoscope. comes in burgundy. cost a lot. so must take good care of it #berlagaknyaaku

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