Saturday, July 16, 2011


class picnic to sg gabai. it was awesome. i'll never ever forget this, but it'll be mo great if 10 other joined also. but yeah, we're having fun and playing together...

then, rushed for cycling events right after we get back from picnic. me and 9 others. tired but nothing cant stop us from joining it. on 6.30 pm we cycled from upm to putrajaya for putrajaya inter-parks ride 2011. which we have to cycle through putrajaya also with thousands of cyclist. great! putrajaya was so beautiful. i like putrajaya so much. then, the event finished at 1.00 am. we cycled back to upm for an hour.

its a tiring but full of awesomeness on saturday :) ok, and now im having backache.. hukhuk

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