Friday, July 15, 2011

its over!

yeay! test 2 is over. not officially yet la bcause got ssk later on tuesday. tp as a conclusion, 5 papers, che, fzik, bio, maths and agri, semuanya HANCUR BERKECAI sgt tidak dpt jwb. sgt dissappointed. right after physics test, i cried loudly outside the exam hall. sgt2 dissapointed, sbb i thought ive given enough effort, but yet i still cant give the best answer i could. lpas tu, paper maths, gila2 dissapointed. i cried also, but the tears cant come out sdh. hurmm.. i lose about 30 marks and above. sbb x sempat jwb. anyway, test 2 kali ni sgt sgt disaster, horrible. study pn last minute, mmg menjadilah..

but, i have more events after this test 2, final exam is a bout a month, presentation pn kena start, tp still mau luangkan masa dgn bnyk bnda before i finished asper. this weekend we'll go for class trip to sg, gabai, picnic. and after that, some of us involve in cycling again. which wa the moment that ive been waiting for. cycle to putrajaya, because dkat sna ada flora fest kn. then, next week got the majlis apresiasi asper. its kinda like a dinner, but we do it during lunch hour. i still got nothing to wear on.

and yeah, time flies so fast. upu is out for the foundation and matriculation leavers. until now, i havent heard any of my friends got upm. and soon, the 6th asperian will pursue studies for degree. and we have to move on our way. i'll be missing my life as an asperian especially with roomates and classmates :')

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