Sunday, July 24, 2011

MAA 2011

majlis apresiasi asper, the annual event for every Asperian. but, now, we are doing it during lunch time. 23rd of july, 12 pm. unforgettable moment for all of us. with theme, action!

in front of dataran perbadanan putrajaya

with luqman, napi, nick, ateen and fahmi

just before the event starts. photoshooting!

with dearest classmates

with ebit kapas!

waiting for the time

we're hungry. for real!

the girls :D

zahir n nick

it was an awesome day for everybody. thanks for the nice photos. i'll never forget the time with all of u guys.

p/s: i kept saying this "penatnya jd perempuan satu hari". ngehhhh :P

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