Tuesday, July 26, 2011

choosing for the best among the best

the moment that ive been looking for.. finally..
its time to focus on my presentations, assignments, and especially final exams. now, im free from any activities.

after more and more pressures coming in, ive became too fragile, vulnerable. felt like a total loser who gave up just like that. so, i need to find my strength back. this is the only chances i have to prove and show my best to my parents and siblings.


anyways, im still exist in twitter, and seldom blogging.

farewell to biology lab, sc comp lab, physics lab. one more to go, chemistry lab!

23 days before final exams, 30 days for me to become a foundation student, 35 days to be around with my asper friends. and 35 days before going back to sabah and having my 2 weeks holiday and 48 days before pursuing my study for degree level. should i be happy or else. all mixed up right now.

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