Sunday, July 31, 2011

finally, its coming :)

after months, days, hours, and minutes finally, ramadhan is coming. the moment that we've been waiting for all this time. cleansing our heart from every wrongdoings and sins. i hope to be part of it CONSISTENTLY. we have to appreciate every minutes and secs of ramadhan. never let go of the time to pass easily. i hope we'll have a nice ramadhan. im missing my family. its kinda sad for not having my sahur and berbuka with them for this yr. saddest moment ever. wtvr it is, im not going to think deeply about this homesick thingy. i have lot more to focus within this 4 weeks. yeah, 4 weeks left for me to struggle as a foundation student.

let's go all out for ramadahan peeps, or else u'll gonna regret it. insya-allah :D

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