Friday, July 29, 2011

agriculture presentation

we've been assigned to do a presentation on agriculture. and our course for this sem related to business. so, we've been asked to create a company and sell products. so, my group is producing stevia. do u ever heard of it? ok, just goggle it. it is actlly an alternative for sugars. its a type of healthy and zero calories sweetener.

our company's name, HERBASTEV

overall, the presentations was fun. there's one of my friends selling pizza and they've brought pizza for all of us. yummeh! and our group got the best group. each of us got this cute mickey notebook. :D

p/s: thanks to aqilah, aifa, khalida, fatheen, nadia, hanafi and danny for such a great teamwork. it was great being part of u guys, stevia mak dara! [previous company's name] xD

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