Saturday, May 14, 2011

week 1

officially mine for 4 months

what the heck were they doing on the closets. =.=

its not that cleaned yet. but at least all my things were moved alrdy

chilling up

week one for sem 3 is a bit tired for me. not a bit actlly. but lots. many of energy needed and food consumed equal to energy used. so, no fats is formed. hoho. so, dont tell me why i cant gain any weight until now. running to class, chasing for bus, walking to find foods. it takes time to suit myself. and yesterday is the peak of event for week 1. the room shifting. from the fourth floor, finally we moved to the second floor. near the water cooler and toilet :P. last night ive started to carry all my stuffs to the new room. and u know, it takes me 10 times to walk ups and downs last night. and this morning, it takes about 10 times also. nothing can describe how tired we were. plus, around afternoon, there is no current! gosh, its double hot. sweating. and we took our lunch at the foodcourt. and finally i had the chance to fulfill my promise to my roomates. which, if im one of the dean's list, i will treat them cool blog one each. nothing else that i can say, im moving to the new environment. new room, new partition. new keys, new neighbour. i hope everything will be ok! :D

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