Sunday, May 15, 2011

2nd week?

life is complicated just like maths. and that is why i dont wanna choose any degree course related to maths. but the problem is, we cant run from maths. life is all bout maths. u have to count every secs.

im in a severe confusion as we have to pass on the degree form within few days more. mine still blank. ive got no idea what to choose. ppl been asking me again and again bout what to choose. but i kept on saying, i dont know i dont know. isnt that pathetic. u r not clear bout ur own future. and how i needed badly a help from everyone right now to give me some motivation and words. to guide me. ouh future, can u pls show me some hint? but im gonna attend two talk for tomorrow related to vet and biotech.

enough with that. ive just came back from the mines with my roomates to buy some necessities. not that tired but ive got headache as usual. and yes, this headache never stop from last week.

last nite, im so stress, until i kept on mumbling. its all because the ssk thingy. aiyooo.. im not that good with computer and suddenly got assignment to do bout computer. the software and hardware and bla bla bla. its tiring me to keep on googling them. at the same time felt stupid because of the ignorance in cyber world? huhu

thanks to my friends for choosing me as facilitator for the coming soon programme. faci for the 6th yr student. yeah, i love kids. because im acting like a childish also. hehe. but, before that we have to went through an interview. lemme tell ya, the interview was so much fun! it was exciting. ive never been to an interview like that before. hehe. but its kinda make me nervous because my own classmates interviewed me. but yeah, i'll never forget that simple and sempoi interview.

and we've got dinner on july. dinner for my 6th asper batch. the theme? 'lights, camera, action'. meaning, we can wear anything but for sure it must be nice and beautiful. this was quite tough. idk what to wear yet, but its ok, still early. but the best part is, it was not a dinner actlly. it was hi-tea and dinner. because it will be held from 3pm to 8pm. 2 session, formal and informal. i cant wait. it will be great surely

next, the junior will be coming on this friday. yeah, i can wait to see them. sadly, i think there is none of my junior from old school will come. its ok. im excited as i cant wait to sell all my handouts and books! hahaha *evil laugh. hahaha.

ok, i think im writing too much alrdy. be nice to me second week. dont make me stress ok. i have lot more to think bout after this :)

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