Thursday, May 5, 2011

thanx thursday!

aniq was here. and he's getting cuter and cuter. cant take my eyes off from him. all of us fighting just to get close with aniq. like i used to say, "dgn adanya abah dgn anis, persaingan semakin sengit utk mendukungnya, blum lagik dtg maciknya lgk satu."

and yeah, i was so happy to meet my old buddy aina mardhiyah. unfortunately, ramona was sick, farahin is working in keningau. so, they are no gossip girls. just two of us, eating pizza and have no place to go. 2 hrs meeting is not enough but im very glad to meet her. plus, allah gave me with something else. we bump into our old friend, pika bacho. my hearts suddenly whisper "yeah, everything happens for a reason". it makes me feel like i already have a complete, perfect short holidays. meeting with family and re-unite like we used to before and meeting with old friends. and insya-allah i will find more time to meet my old buddy from the old school and meet my cousins :)

p/s: thanx aina for the sarawak keychain! feel bad for giving u nothing from kl :(

3 days of holiday left.. urgghhh. hate this

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