Monday, May 23, 2011

never stop smiling

people pretend to know everything that u do, they act like a google. annoying.
they pretend to be a judge when they actlly a normal human being.
they never understand bout sarcasm. st*p**
they never understand bout jokes. m*r*n

hurm.. i guess i have to stop talking and bad mouth bout others. i should improve my weakness first. but yeah, sometimes ppl never care bout our feelings. they never understand us. and when they said something that could make us angry or maybe annoyed, they never said sorry. that is way too rude. no one can really read my mind now. no one can feel what i felt rite now. i maybe smiling, laughing and talking non-stop but deep inside no one knows how high is the boiling point. reaching infinity alrdy.

urghhh. idk how to face the days ahead. for now, yeah i hate u. but dont worry it will not last longer.


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