Saturday, May 28, 2011

busy life is on the way

its been a week. yeah, and im here having a tense situation rite now. ive got the first test on 6th of june. i didnt revise anything. i have lab report. and i have stupid task. and im not going to tell what the stupid task is. because if i do tell u the story bout it, im dead.

but, yeah, i just want u to think. uve got the power, but u dont have the brain. thats not a leader. its a destroyer! uve got the brain but u dont have the power, so, u can change the world.

the voices remain silent, the truth is unspoken. why? the dictators rule the kingdom. guys, dont let them step u down. raise urself up. uve got the rights.!

no one can really understand except for those who experienced it with me :)

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