Tuesday, April 5, 2011

im on tv, but behind the camera

on 5th of april 2011, about 25 students of asper, whom pretend to be free but actlly they're not. ( got muet, assignments, tutorials) went to ntv7 studio to be the audience for a tv9 talkshow named "apa saja FBI". hosted by faisal ismail, (dj hotfm tuu). we were there from 4 pm till 10pm. yes. it was a long day. they were recording for 2 episodes. and the guest artist, maya karin, sarah raisuddin, serina redzuan, eiraa syazira, and one more actor name ezad jasmin if im not mistaken, i also forgot. i dont know what to say about last nite. i cant translate it in form of words. but if u ask me to talk, yeah, i'll give u in detail on what happen throughout the day. but yeah, thanx for the free foods, magazines, unknown cd album, longjack kacip fatimah?, and the payment! ka-ching ka-ching!. heeheh.. but, im not going there anymore. sekian terima kasih. hehehe.

watch us on 29th of april and 6th of may. tv9. 8.30pm. u can see me clapping hands, laughing, and smiling.... 'fakely'.. ;p and u can see three of my friends, ebit, khalida and hazwan playing games and got great prices, vacation, hamper, spa.. woot woot..

like my friends said,

ok..now tepuk tgn..next, gelak ye n senyum pndg dpn~watde...!

maya and fbi.

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