Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday post

today just wanna make a random short post. just wanna tell ya guys that i have activated my fb acc. for some reason. and guess what i can stop hitting on fb button everytime i sit infront of my lappy. demmit. mnyesal x guna. addictive. so, we've got apple day tomorrow. our apple day is like giving to other person apple(s) and write your wish on the leafy card. so, tomorrow gotta need to wear something reddish or greenie. so, i'll guess everybody will look like apple for tomorrow. i wonder how many apple(s) i'll get. ngehh.. for sure, everybody will have one, because the pengarah will give every students and staffs one each.

and starting tonite i will work on my mock interview. memorizing each single word. urghhh.. and these hectic life still continue until i have done my 2nd sem exam. thanks to mas and airasia for such 'cheap' ticket. urghhhh :/

next is, what we've done during lab. yes, every lab at least have one album.. hahaha
(pls click the X button if u are annoyed with this part)

bio lab had turned into art class ;p

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  1. same ngan kitaorang dulu..haha
    macam nie jugaklah jadinya..hehe