Monday, March 28, 2011

the 12th week

my ordinary monday. i was so confuse on what to wear for today. the apple day. and i'll make a post bout this awesome apple day later. i have to collect all the pictures first. ok, i was simply putting on my red kemeja with 'newspaper-like' shirt inside. my friends was like, "eh pasni bg nab newspaper, blh dia bt baju" and also, "nab, ni baju tdur kau ke?" ok, that was funnehhh.. hoho.. i was obviously look like a fashion crime everyday.

but today was very tiring and hungry day. for maths class early in the morning, i was sleeping. just imagine i was sitting on the front and sleep in front of the lecturer. that was so rude. i have to, i was so sleepy plus, i was so wanna throw out. because, i dont eat for breakfast. and my friends said, "first tym aku nmpk nab terlentang dkat dpn tu" also, "aku nmpk nab mcm org nak mntak derma darah je td"

ok, gtg, i want to continue memorizing my mock interview. gonna apply a job as a pharmacist for tomorrow.. ngehehe. im nervous. yes, i really do.. i have a long lines to be remembered.... wish me luck!

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