Friday, March 11, 2011

i feel like im coming home

im coming home im coming home, tell the world im coming home.. hehe. guess who sang that?

ok, im not home actlly. not until raya rr..

just came back from the mines and ive completed my bloody dinner dress. and im not going to tell u about it. what im going to tell u is bout my meeting just now.

ive got back from mines and have some rest for a while. then, nick called me. he asked me to come down and attend permasa meeting. permasa is persatuan mahasiswa sabah. the sabahan girls was so busy. and only me is 'free'. seriously i was so pemalu and i really malu malu and malu. but, i try to go. and i was there. hehe. only bout 20 persons inside. all of them are degree student. only 3 of us were the youngsters. sgt2 malu. sbb? all of them was like, "aik, baru first time nmpk muka"

but, the meeting was so fun. why? because i can hear the pure sbahan language back again. yeay, i miss this situation. semua pn ckp asi2 ni. hehe. so dem fun. im smiling and laughing over the period of ime. seniors, u guys are cool.

mau dijadikan crita, they were doing the post mortem bout the mlm citra budaya that was held last week at usm. (upm won ok) sgt bgga! tp beza 1.9 seja dgn um which is the frst runner up. then, tiba2, the president asked me to speak.

pres : ah, nabila..
me : ah, mau jugak ka?
pres : yalah...kenalkan nama sekali, sbb drg baru nmpk kau ni. frst time
me : em.. bla bla bla.... saya tidak aktif permasa sbb sya malu sbb bnyk senior2 bah cni
them: aik, malu...
me: yalah.. tp, sya akn sokong bla bla bla
them : tp kau pigi kn tu family day?'
me : a'ah pegi jugak kali sbb sya mau sumbang something utk permasa then sya mau support la.. bl bla bla

and they clapping their hands, which i felt very appreciated sbb mrka sgt2 sporting dan supportive. i love them!

after that tgh mkn2, ada jamuan, the seniors come to me and asking lots of thing bout me, mereka even 'marah', i mean marah main2 sbb sya terlmpau pemalu. errr... drg encourage sya utk lbih berkenalan dgn yg lain, the problem is sya sgt pemalu! whtever it is, mereka sgt best. rasa mcm pulang sbh td sbb suma ckp sbh and the environment yg friendly, senior yg gila2. rasa mcm ada family d cni.:)

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