Thursday, February 10, 2011

you tube addict

you-tubing in the afternoon and check out this awesome + cool guys.

sungha jung playing pirates of the caribbean theme song. he's awesome! i love the way he creates the music from his tiny lil fingers. dont know him? google!

anwar hadi. he's cool man. i love the way she talks bout the real truth of life. dont know him? again use the google laa! ( i do agree with him bout this footbal thingy)

nigahiga? erk? who is he? a videwhore also. and he also cooooolll..and cute..ngehh ;p

so, happy googlie google and utubing guys!


  1. yeah. nak buat channel jugak kat youtube...tapi cam segan plak kan..hehe macam best je jadi YouTuber..hehe love that anwar hadi..his english is awesome...!