Friday, February 11, 2011


my lab partner. khalie. ok, the rat bleed so much. sorry dear ratty rat. my bad. ngeh

i like this part.! blowing the trachea.. see, how big the lung

before blowing

khusyuk. sgt khusyuk.

rat dissection week 1. male skinny rat. observing the organs inside. each person got one rat

rat dissection week 2. female fatty rat. observing the capillaries and the brain inside. each partner got 1 rat. and that's the head! im the one who cut its head, with no worries lgk tu. berani jugak aku?

seriously, i like surgical thingy.

i want it badly. and i know i can do it. i just need to pray, believe and work for it. there's nothing impossible in this world, because the words itself says, im possible. so, if they can do it, why cant i? i just need to create the flow instead of go with the flow. like the sabahan says, bulih ba kalau kau! 7 months left nabila. u can do it! ignore others. giving up for the losers, but standing up for the winners!


  1. the best practical of foundation!

  2. i agree! best kan bedah2? first2 aq takut, tapi best gla ne. siap bedah ngn free hand sak. haha

  3. haha.. uina. freehand. bahaya kau ni jar. aku siap tukar2 glove lagik.. haha