Friday, February 11, 2011

knowledge hunger

i was suprised by the arrivals of a few persons here in our college. i mean, in our block, our level. then, i remembered this..

Bas yang disediakan untuk membawa rakyat Malaysia dari Changi akan berhenti di perhentian bas di Larkin, Johor, Melaka Central, Seremban dan Universiti Putra Malaysia di Serdang” katanya.

but, this students were from jeddah direct to klia. then, they came to stay here for a nite. ok, so. we saw them. and looked at them in weird way. hah. then, one of em, come and ask for a soap from us. so, me and my roomates were so friendly, instead of went straight way to the toilet, she sat down with us and talk bout what really happened at mesir. and u know what, im very curious and asked so many questions to her. she's from terengganu and taking pharmacy from zagazig university. she even recognize my friend there. she told us in detail the chronology of event starting from the demonstration until she came here. she's currently waiting for the bus of yayasan terengganu, so, they were asked to stay here in upm. its nice to met her and listened to her experience.

at the same time, my roomate kakak usrah came and visits her. such a nice and sweet sissy. i like her. the way she talk and share the knowledge. she's awesome! :)

to conclude, tonite ive got so many knowledge. and a friend from next door was so excited reading bout hosni mubarak. funny her. she wanna find out every inch of hosni mubarak story.

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