Thursday, February 17, 2011

the serious one

i wanna write something serious. i mean very serious. serious sgtlah konon. ini lah rentetan drp berakhirnya musim test 1 yg agak stressful.

i wanna ask u guys, which one do u prefer. natural or pancake.?

klu aku aku pilih natural. seburuk2 mna gaya tu urg, at least dia x hipokrit. in this world we have to be genius in choosing friend. whether they were good or bad. as long as kita tidak mudah terpengaruh. mau hidup knalah pndai, jd pandai2 lah hidup r. yes, betul. klu kita kwn dgn org yg baik maka baiklah kita di mata masyarakat, klu kita kwn dgn org jahat maka buruklah kita di mata masyarakat. tp mata boleh tersalah lihat, mulut boleh silap cakap, telinga boleh slah dengar.

everybody knows that we have 5 main senses. but did u know we have extra special senses, which is our heart. our heart never lied to us. it was the real judge and lawyer of all. so, for those yg tau ckp, dgr, lihat without evaluate it first, maka dia takda sense ni. and, do u know that looks can be deceiving. it was so true. at first i was still confused with this statement because ive never experienced it. but for almost 19 yrs i have been live in this beautiful yet wonderful little world, i know the hidden meaning behind it.

ok, ppl might said that im bad, naughty or watsover. but thats the real me. i could be worst. but at least thats me. and im trying to improve myself by changing into the good one someday. insya-allah. and i bet, there were many ppl like me oso. and they were labelled as some kind of bitch. im sorry for using this word. it sounds harsh. i hate it oso. but deep inside their heart, they have such a kind heart and full of grace. i know im a childish, i know im very hyperactive person, but can u pls know me first before u judge me? my best buddy knows who am i.

then, back to the good-looking behaviour one. ok, ppl fall in love with them so easily. ppl judge them as the best person in the world. even they dont really know the person. ok, its so delusional. do know they might have stone heart? geez.. its scary u know.. they might be worst inside there.

so, guys and girls out there, choose wisely. dont choose based on their looks. choose based on their heart. i really mean it.

ok, i dont wanna write too much.. nnt ndak psl2 kena antam. wtvr it is, looks can be deceiving. not all the nice, cute, pretty, polite person have a good heart. have a good behaviour. and vice versa. think bout it. we all have flaws. so dont try to judge ppl and simply jump into conclusion. HUMAN HAVE FEELINGS YAWWW!. WE ARE NO ONE. WE HAVE NO RIGHTS TO JUDGE PPL.!

sekian terima kasih.

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  1. setuju2!!everyone hve their own ways to matter what,we know ourself better than others..keep up the smile :) hve a nice journey of life nab syg :P