Wednesday, February 16, 2011

digestion of starch. donating saliva

do i need to tell u what is this?

group member. which one do i need to look? the test tube or cam?

pretend to swallow back the saliva. disgusting. aksi sengal

muka muka baik di bawah kepimpinan group leader yg dedicated, aqilah saufe. erk?

mixed with HCL, sugar.. etc etc

waiting for the result. snap snap!

kes buli dlm lab!

basically we've separated into 3 diff groups and we got the simplest yet disgusting experiment. digestion of starch. yes, it was disgusting. but i said that.. rambut sma hitam, tahi sma bau. ok, apa kaitan? phm2 sndri la.. so, kmi kena donate 20ml of our saliva. err.. its too much!. ok, wtvr it is, we have to give away our saliva. like i said just now, rambut sma hitam, tahi sma bau. so, whats the deal? bukannya utk tujuan x tntu hala, its for us actlly. untuk MENUNTUT ILMU. hah. hambik kau. jadi, dont geli2. tp, for sure anda akan rasa geli yg teramat. tp sooner or later, the feeling will disappear because of the curiousity inside. yes. for real.

ok, imma off to my agri notes. next, i'll post bout KAMI BUDAK BENDANG!?? yeah.. wait for the pitcha to arrive... daa ;p


  1. damn hard to extract the saliva isn'it?
    haha.but it was fun after all!

  2. its much more than fun! haha. geli dgn saliva sendiri.

    mia, yeah.. im way too happy!