Monday, February 21, 2011

post. posting. posted

i dont know why i put this photo. but it looks cute though. jk

what a lucky week i have here. although ive been so worried bout the unbearable responsibility, tense situation, messed up works, and disorganized time. i have lots and lots of free time this week. no class on the afternoon. but i have assignments, tutorials, also presentation to be done. and i can say that, i have no free time actually! i try not to waste my time by spending most of my time sleeping, eating and reading. hehe

thats not what im goin to talk bout.

i cant help myself from hating and disliking people. everyday, they make me annoyed, pissed off. gosh, im getting worst lately, i just dont know why. there's something inside me which full of hatred. im tired and sick of this thing actually. this situation reminds me of my best girl

me : who do u hate the most?
she : no one.
me : seriously, gimme one name. think bout it
she : no one. for real. i dont hate ppl.
me : why? and how do you avoid yourself from hating ppl?
she : forgive everyone before u sleep.
me :.....hmm..... (speechless)

ok, it does work to her. for me? im trying ok.. hehe.. yes, i dont hate ppl, its just im getting annoyed too easily.

nahh, just forget this lame problem. silly. wasting my time to care bout the others. baik jaga kain sndri. kain org biarlah drg jaga sndri bah. tp, for sure kdg2 kita TERJAGA kain org tu kn. so, it cant be help. recently, i keep on mumbling. yes, i start to realize it. ok, its a bad habit nabila. watch out! nnt terbiasa. mmg habis. i better get back on my own track. the old nabila. the old one? hmm.. lemme think for second. the old nabila?? talkative, busy body, cacing kepanasan, x berani ckp bnda yg tersimpan terbuku ternovel di hati. extra hyperactive, sgt childish, pemalu, penakut, tp x pndai diam. is that really the old me? how bout the new me? pendiam. pemalu kuasa dua, tp berani sdh bt presentation di dpn, x busy body. cacing kesejukan, pndai malas sgt sgt malas.. errr???

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