Thursday, February 24, 2011

almost the end of february

currently eating fried chicken. one hand typing and one hand holding. sgt tidak senonoh!! hehe.. and this week actlly i dont have mood to write a post on my bloggie. im too busy here chasing the time. but feels like a bit awky if i dont write anything. ok, later i will post bout my bio presentation and also practical at the farm.

ive been so stressful this week. lots of work need to be done. with the bio presentation, assignments.. geez.. freaking me out. plus, since my friends told me the test 2 two will be held in about 2 weeks in time, ok, that makes my stress rises more and more. and one more thing, the MGP stuffs. dinner actlly. im not stress bout that. but it messing me up by thinking what should i wear on that night. "menyingkap khazanah warisan desa", baju kebangsaan dan songket. ok, can i just wear my baju kuliah?

forget bout that. its not that important btw. ok, the whole cmpus, univrsty knows bout the pilihan raya kampus thingy. yeah, i think not just the uni but also the whole mlysian knows it. is it? yeah. u can google bout pilihan raya kmpus in upm. the pro mahasiswa and pro aspirasi. i dont wanna talk bout that. u better google it urself. msuk paper and news tuuu.. by the time they gathered in front of the BHEP building, i was looking at them and thought that "eh, ada budak2 u lain bt lawatan" bangang di situ.

just now ive got usrah with my roomies. yeah, a master student from other college, sukarela, willing to come to our room every thursday, starting tonight just to share her knowledge bout islam. such a sweet kakak. makes me open my eyes more widely bout islam, prospects of life. subhanallah. it was so indescribable. 2 hours of meaningful, precious moment. alhamdulillah. ok, tak sah klu x yawn and keep yawning kn.. but, yeah, im having fun. learning and gaining more and more knowledge. salute!

reflecting back, what have i gone through this week, yeah, im having a very hard time. im stress. earphone on, world off, playing super mario. but thats not really the solution. Allah is the One. Go to Him and He will help u. :)

p/s: the kakak keep asking me just now, 'kenapa kita pergi sekolah'. deep Q there.

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