Monday, February 14, 2011

futsaling + baling ??

first of all a big gratitude and credits goes to afikah idrus for giving us an oppurtunity to show our hidden talent. erk? hidden meh? padahal didnt exist pun.. for me la.. the others, yes. absolutely. thx to the ball for letting us kick and throw u everywhere especially in the drain. haha. so, the players are all girls. me, qilah, pika, aifa, quri, suha, faridah, ummu, sya, aini, nad, baby, ermm.. peggy, esther and laisha.. did i forgot anyone?.. sorry if i didnt mention ur name.. i might be forgetful sometimes. hehe.

we played futsal then, bola baling. sometimes mixed up. hahaha.. but, i bet all of us got tired because we laughed all the time. non-stop. and many ppl woke up right after we starts to play. because we scream and laugh too hard. ngehh.. its enjoying though.. and its one of my best moment. walaupun saya kaki bangku, kaki meja, kaki segala kaki.. except for kaki botol r.. hehee

and the best moment is when i can shoot a goal. yeah, at least a goal yg digolkan dgn jarak dekat. shameful me.. haha.. bangga x bertempat betul.haha

with my beloved worn-out sport shoes. hehe. ok, its my mum shoes actlly.. and this shoes contributes a lot to me when i run, farming, and etc.

semangat! hoho

its going to rain rain rain

its raining and they reluctant to go back. hehe. mandi ujan

its raining heavily. the wind blows strongly.

all the girls went to the corridor and watch us weirdly. hah.. too noisy i think, but i bet they were enjoying this live-crazy match! haha.. we made a pretty good team overall. i hope there will be next time. with me as pemungut bola kot.. haha.

p/s: few pic cant be uploaded due to some sensitivity

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