Monday, February 14, 2011

aku, coklat dan air

went to pagoh, johor. kampung ulu muar if im not mistaken. tp yg penting rural area la.. program bakti siswa bantu mngsa banjir. sgt best. part pling best is we have fun sambil berbakti. erk? one day trip was so tiring yet joyful. 3 bas gerak dr upm. berhenti di r&r linggi dan ayer keroh. lalu act like a kiddy.

"mak, mak aku pijak negeri sembilan!"

"mak, mak aku pijak melaka"

jakun tahap gaban kn. bikin malu. haha.. nasib baik aku x jerit. just ckp dgn kwn2 aku ja.

on the way to unknown rural flooded area.

effect of flood. plants destroyed. non-fertile soil

the lock was leaved alone. isolated. smeared by dry mud in a sink. described how bad this natural disasters affect the ppl.

balai raya. need to be clean. by us.

jalan kampung. i miss my kampung!

the mud covered the floor. its about 1 cm. so thick man!. it was hard to get rid off them.

after. shining like never before. haha

water booster. plays a very important role in cleaning the mud.

green fipper. green broom. covered by mud.

im working very hard? i broke my bone i guess.. haha

river, blue sky. what a beautiful village. love the air, love the green. away from hustle and bustle city. free from dirty air.

flood cleaner? haha.

after working hard on the mud, we went back and i am the dirtiest person! haha. ive got no extra pants and shirts. sangat malu when we stop by at r&r buying some foods. because eeverybody was looking at me. gahh.. hilang selera mkn. wtvr it is. pagoh rocks!

tapau 10 botol air mineral beserta biskut tiger! sengal kan? tp, trip yg ni plg siok! happy :)

p/s: sakit sdah satu bdn.. lpas ni mau pegi mesir boleh ka? bntu mngsa riot pulak. msti best!

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