Thursday, January 20, 2011

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. crepps in his petty pace from day to day. yeah! i still remember of that 2 first lines of shakespeare poem entitled life's brief candle. one of my fav poems of all.

ok, this post is totally have no relation with what im going to tell u later. i just wanna summarize the 2 awareness talk that i am force to attend this week. actlly not just me but all of us, the foundation students. but, frankly im going not because they force me to, but im hungry for a knowledge.

first talk.

its all bout the road that we have to go through all the way to degree. and also bout the academic schedule for this 2 last sem. our final year of foundation. but, most of all its bout degree. starts from there i realize that i haven't put an end for my decision yet. what i want to be and what is my real future goal. until now im trying to find the exact answer. no one can answer it for me. its all up to me now. i wanna be kinda medic student. not a doctor but working with the medicine, and bio stuffs. nature, human. i love it. but seeing my results from spm until now, my bio and chemist is not that great. good but not best. only my physics shows a path of light. i mean path to an engineer thingy. honestly, there's no 1 percent in every corner of my heart or even my mind have that engineer as my future career. *gulp. ok, i will improve my bio and chemist

second talk

ok, its all bout MLM, mainly. MULTI LEVEL MARKETING. to make us realise that MLM is a NOT for us. for students like us. they kinda want us to aware the flaw of that MLM. the bad side of it. it will effect our study, money, and especially our parents hope. so, ok. im not interested with that kind of thing actlly. ive heard and listen to the downline before. but its just for fun. i like to listen to any stories. but im not that easily fall in love with their words. after about 20 minutes they talk bout the products, then, i will say. im a student, i dont have the money and im not interested with it. what's wrong if u want to be a bussinessman by working hard with it. sweat for the sake of money. get exhausted for ur own happiness in the future. not by attracting ppl and get the money in just a blink of eye. it doesnt make sense at all. rich, happines and success comes from a hardwork. ok, im talking crap. so, 3 different ppl talking bout the same thing tonite. its good. but im so sleepy. so, sorry i cant give any focus on their talk. but still, got something useful laa.

so, im preparing myself for tomorrow. i have maths, physics and bio. wish me luck. i dont want to sleep at the class. and im excited to meet the physics lecturer. i dont know what else he will do by tomorrow. nite peeeeeppsss :)

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