Wednesday, January 19, 2011

its cool awesome and what else can i say?

im risking myself again to go out for today. and luckily, happily i didnt shop! hahaha.. im watching 2 movies for today. gulliver's travel in 3d also the tourist. yeah, i know im a bit late to watch both but i dont care. so, i prefer midvalley rather than mines. i also dont know why. but, thanx to hazirah for spending her time with me. and she's a movie addict so do i. both movies were superbly superb! my money really worth it. my tummy also worth for all the food. i have my window shopping for today around midvalley also the gardens. searching for a khaki jacket. so cool plus nice plus awesome plus plus plus laaa, the price also way TOO COOL. u know what i mean rite. im not really tired for now. gonna watch movies from my lappy. so, pirates the caribbean, on stranger tides im waiting for u!

p/s: johnny depp addict! ;p

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