Sunday, January 30, 2011

my sunday was not bad for this time

geez. im having a great day with sarah for today. just goin out and having some fresh yet polluted air around the mines. its not sunny sunday. its rainy sunday! so cold. but the rain is not an excuse for us not to go out. rain is a blessing. so, dont blame the rain!

my breakfast! handmade spaghetti by sarah.

this is gonna be my everyday breakfast. promotion price, rm12 for 4 boxes plus 1 boxes free plus a mug! look below*

ive been waiting for both *feb issue ngehh

yeah, im watching a movie. faster. it was a great movie of dwayne johnson. feels like watching it again. gehhh

ok, its the second day of holiday. i will start to study by tomorrow. i want to fast. ive got many benefits if i fast. and thanx to nick for treating us satay kajang last nite. ngehh.. also diana and irianie for such abundant food u served for me last nite. gehh. i guess i eat so much during this holiday. erk?


  1. mcm best ja yg mushroom soup tu smua bha..
    eeeei.. siap ada free lg mug..