Friday, January 28, 2011

future photographer?

*redha and hanafi.

u guys might know them or maybe not. i dont care. but, why am i writing about them in all of sudden. frankly, i dont have anything to do rite now. i found this pic from my album. then, i wanna write something bout them. errr.. im taking this pic without them knowing it. curi-curi. alah mcm if u admire someone then u wanna have some gambar curi of them laa.. haha.. tp im not admiring them r... while im sitting on a park bench thinking to myself isnt that nice! haha.. ok, copycate a lil bit from taylor' lyrics. actually, im sitting on the bench front of them. i saw this pose, immediately i take a snap! not this pose, im too late to snap their pose before actually. hoho. what the heck am i talking. ok, let's make it simple. both of them have a passion towards photography. they were beginners. i can see from the way they talked and the photos captured by them, they can be future photographers. and i wanna be part of them also. both were my classmates. but, im not used to talk with them. only if i have the mood. the one one that holding the dslr is our mr. president for 6th batch of asper, the one that pointing his finger to someone is the treasurer. both were smart looking guy, funny, loyar buruk and jejaka idaman malaya, presumably.. haha erk? ok, terlebih sdh.. i like the way they conduct our class photoshoot before. yeah, there's a bit flaws, i admit that.. but at least i can see they were trying very hard to make their work worth for all of us. they were good at friendship, teammates and co-operation. ok, i write too many nice things about both.. later, if someone told them bout this post, hidung kembang kuncup nnt. hoho. ok, will tell u guys bout my other classmates later! daa

p/s: first day of holiday, luckily ada foodcourt bukak. idk what will happen for the next next day

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