Thursday, January 27, 2011

for u. yes u

post ni kpda siapa2 yg rasa rasa dia terasa dan perasan dia terasa.

aku ada bca bnyk bnda dr plbagai blog. and every blog msti ada kaitan dgn perception drg terhdp satu2 bnda kn. then, this is what i want to tell. ive read throughout this one article. to aware ppl how meaningful and powerful this two words are; "sorry" and "thank you". ive always said that words because im used to it. im not saying that im like an angel or what. but, yeah..i always use these 2 words although im not the one who suppose to say them. when ppl accidentally hit me, i will say sorry instead waiting for them to say that word. when i help people on whatever circumstance it is, i will straight away say thank you. i also dont know why.. some ppl caught me weird, some ppl just let it be and some even make a 'dont-know' face. that's annoyed me. ok, lemme start my babble. i said sorry and i said thank you. but some ppl didnt reply any satisfying answer.. i mean, if u are very shy or lazy to talk, pls at least smile. a smile can be an enough for me already. yeah, it happens to me always.. and i hate them for doing nothing. smile is the cheapest thing of all, indeed. u dont have the money, but u have a very valuable smile. u dont like to talk, or maybe u dont like me, but why cant u smile.??? back to the topic, in west countries, they really appreciate those who said these two words. its a very powerful words to them. if u say sorry, they'll reply, "its ok" or maybe "its alright". if u say thank you, they'll reply "welcome" immediately.. so, if some of us prefer to follow their fashion,music and lifestyle, why cant we follow their good culture, politeness and all that? think bout it.

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