Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 days holiday

yeah! holiday for a week. midsem break + cny holiday..
isn't that wonderful and awesome.
u guys might think im waiting for my flight to sabah at klia or watsoever.
im here at my room. yes! im having my blissful-to-be holiday at my second home, upm.
huaaaaa :(((((
im going nowhere. this college will soon to be a silent, haunted-like place, only fill with sabahan and sarawakian. u know how expensive the ticket was rite?
with no foodcourt maybe, me n sarah will try our best to cooked and eat whatever we have. canned food maybe.. oh nooo..
so, go back home guys and stop saying goodbye to us.. i hate to see it. hahaha
feels like crying ooo... whatever it is, im going to study and study for my first test, just rite after the holiday.. huhu.. so, c u guys after a week :)

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