Thursday, December 23, 2010

idk how many days alrdy.

so, here i am. tapah rest house. staying for 3 days and two nights. attend my uncle wedding. with all my dearest cousins. so many kids here. gahhh.. have to be patient all the time. most exciting, got 2 babies here. and i was addicted to them. haha. bad news, my sis make twitter, tumblr and formspring. there u go, i have lost my privacy. dem!. so, i dint check my rsults yet. hahaha. such a pathetic girl here. waiting for miracle to come. urghh.. my little cousins were playing and keep yelling here and there. such a disturbance. haha. when sabahab and smenanjung gathered, we can heard a lot of rojak language. gahh :)

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