Sunday, December 5, 2010

i didnt hear u, not im deaf

while i was walking along the sideway with my worn out jeans, i remember this thing and it burst me out. this incident happened when me and my classmates having our freetime at the bilik tutor and bilik bacaan.

i was sitting at the bilik bacaan with few of my friends. earphone on and im in my own world. my friends were laughing and chit chatting. i cant hear nothing except for the songs playing on my ears. i sneeze 3 times. i dont care how loud it was because i able to heard only low sound of my sneeze. suddenly, my friends from the beside room which is in bilik tutor opened the door that connect the 2 room. (fyi, bilik tutor is full of silent).

my friend : sape yg bising td?
me : takde takde (dgn pnuh smgtnya, with one earphone off)
my buddy : eh, bsing ke? (i also forgot what she said, but kinda like this)

and we start tu bubbling about my friend. ok, we begin to remain silent after that but still whispering.. i mean kinda like menyindir hmy friend laa.. every ppl enter our room, we ask them to be silent.. we said, if not.. there's someone will complaining again. kinda pissed off actlly.

then, after 2 hrs like that, my friend came to our room. that time no more silent hour or what because everybody was bz gosssiping and chatting.

my buddy : eh2 jgn bising nnt ade org marah.
my friend : ah sape?
my buddy : eleh.. engkolaa..
my friend : tak, aku tanye..sape yg bersin td?
me : tetttt... (maluu) hah? yakah? aku baitu. hehe kami igt kau ckp bising.. rpanya bersin.
my friend : aku ckp bersin..
us : ouhhh..

ok.. we felt very2 sinful after mengumpat non-stop about my friend. huahua.. tebal muka! like wiping 7 to 10 layers of foundation to ur face.. shameful!. urghh.. this is what happen when i start to put on my earphone with the highest volume. i think this was the effect of it. but it was my friend fault oso. my friend speaks not very clear.

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