Thursday, December 30, 2010

goodbye 2010. 2011 planning.

soon, it will be the end of the sale.. but chinese new year just around the corner and the sale will continue.. but not less as much as the year end sale does.. hehe.. i want to congratulate my football msian team. gahh.. i love them more and more.. im waiting for liga msia after this but at the same time i have to focus on my sem 2. just imagine, we have 4 months to finish up our sem 2. what a rush... gahh.. looking forward to 2011. im hoping for a miracle inside this year. ive got news that all ipta's will have a sem break for 4 MONTHS!from april to sept. and the sem will reopen on 12 sept 2011... gahh... more holidays, less time for sem 3. gahhhh.. im worrying too much on sem 3. sem to determine my qualification for scholarship.. oppss.. did i really qualified?.. i dont know also.. praying for it.. insya-Allah..

im trying to become a money saver. before this im saving for coins only, after this im trying to save on my money on my accounts... gahhh.. the atm machine already bored looking at me frequently. im planning for holidays with my friends. insya-Allah... im planning for buying something.. gahh.. buying?? tett.. will be consider later.

dahh.. i dont wanna go back upm. no excitement at family will be back to sbah by tomorrow. dislike.

new year. new sem. new books. new stress. new things. new hopes. new plannings. and i hope for a new miracles.

happy new year bloggies :)

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