Friday, August 6, 2010

one more b4 disappeared again

ok, my stomach making noises rite now. actually not just now. every sibgle hour here i feel so hungry. too much energy used. so, need lots of food to eat. yeap. all of my friends here pretty surprised bout it. i do eat a lot, but my still cannot gain weight. its ok. as long as i can eat and feel full evryday.

just wanna post something b4 im disappear again.

i am so so into photography here. although depending only to my phone camera, but still, i like to take pictures. then, i decided to collect some money and buy a camera with high quality one.

my first test is just around the corner. and evrybody feel so CUAK rite now. frst test that we assume as assessment. to determine how far had we go. oh.. i am so not ready yet.

im joining silat here and i have to practise evry monday and wednesday nite. on tuesday nite i have to be a cashier at the koperasi or we call it kiosk. just to have some income. hihi.

i do miss my sbhan friends so freakin much!! i always remember them evry single minute im here. guys, i cant wait to see u soon. i hope i can fly back rite now!

i like to observe ppl here. watching their behaviour and so on. its fun doing that. haha

cant wait to shop for raya. must be a crazy sale soon here.

last but not least, happy Ramadhan! enjoy your fasting and do pray a lot, solat a lot, read quran, tarawih and so on. in short, do as much ibadah as u can! :))))

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