Friday, August 6, 2010


do u know its freakin hard to login into blogspot here. i can only open my tumblr everyday. im so so pissed off bout it. the wireless here is not that good lor. everytime must have problem in connection. well, its ok. maybe thats a warn for me to study. i am now waking up early in the morn just to wash my clothes using the washing machine. do u know that one block consists of about 100 students sharing only ONE washing machine????????? and im the type who dont like to wash clothes everyday. so i decided to wash once a week. and one more thing, i wake up early just to check the wireless connection condition. is it fast or still slow like the turtle.

i have lots and lots of stories to tell. but i cant write to long as i am pretty lazy right now.

frst of all, let me tell u. i start to talk and talk again like i used to in high school. thats because of im already close to many ppl here. so im not that shy anymore. my sabah dialects still here. and my friends always tease me. sometimes they ask me to speak in MALAY. and i did make a sound like saye, ade, and all that. they really satisfied and like when i sounded like that. but im not used to it!

my kuliahmate, they were awesome. i love em! they are funny, cool, and i dont know what else to say. undescribable. we are goin crazy everyday. especially when we're going to amali ladang. all of us gone pretty wild. haha. its on friday evening. so, all of us become so photo addict. thats the time when we like to take pictures. and i will always be the camera girl. i found my 2 best buddy in class. aini and khalie. i like them. we're pretty crazy and we have many in common.

my roomate. they were so so great. i love em too!!!!! we're much like sisters.

u know, the best class here is english. i have fun learning english. the lecturer was so sweet. i can really release my tension when it comes to english class.

my life here actually have been so hard. its very busy here. my cash running out like the river flows just because of paying fees. fees of persatuan, blok and all that. plus, i eat so much here. the allowance is not yet received. and everbody was very BENGANG rite now. because all of us running out of money.

i learned a few words here. im enjoying it. learn many dialects from all over the place.

its highly competitive here. im so scared bout that. all of the students is a studyholic. hoho.

i have lotsa things to share untill i dont know what to say. just sharing some pictures to describe my life here :)

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  1. Hey there!
    Good to know you're doing good in your new place. About your dialect, don't worry about it. Just keep it the way it is, it's your identity bah. =) The most important is, you'll be able to switch to many different dialects soon, without having to get rid of your real dialect. Trust me.
    All the best and belajar rajin2 tau. :)