Thursday, August 26, 2010

i will work harder, study smarter?

its just test 1, but test 1 will helps a lot for the pointer. it was the easiset test after all. but i dont know why im spoiling it. i know my result will be the most dissapointing one. and guess what. its true!. hoho. im really2 sad bout it. i dont even know whats wrong with it. its my fault also actlly. ive spoiled my maths. ive spoiled chemistry also. but for agriculture and english i manage to get among the highest. is that meaning that i like agriculture field?? hhoho.. cluelesss.... for now, didnt get bio and phy... but i know what kind of result i will get...

im always sitting in the front row during lecture. but that doesnt mean that i can get all of what the lecturer said. im very slow to pick up.. sometimes im afraid that ppl will said that, "u were sitting in front but why u only get low marks?" im so afraid of it. but, hey dude, not everybody like that ok.. if im sitting behind, the tendency of understanding each words mention by lecturer also the tendency to heard what the lecturer said was very very lowwwww... and of course i will fall asleep more early because at the back is the most startegic place to hide yourself sleeping.

before raya i will finish all my assignments. because after raya, i only have 1 week to cover all the topics. after that i will have my test 2.. yeah.. my raya will be very dull this yr. holding books while eating ketupat, rendang.. duit raya will be spend on books, pen, foolscap paper. thank god, just received duit rya from KM sbh..hihi.. also just got allowance. soon will receive kiosk salary.. hihi.. this is how ive got money without asking my parents... nice rite.. hehe

i will regain my mood and energy to study.. i will recall back my promise before coming here. i will be success!

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