Sunday, May 2, 2010

hari hari

well, i just stay in my room for these 2 days, curi tu brdband bw nek atas..haha.. lately, mmg very lazy on9 using the pc...

ive chosen upm after kna ceramah oleh rmai org (yg jga sibuk2 decide 4 me). huh. news spread, jd everybdy was like busy-ing their time with my hal pulak.

many of my friends got asasi, very happy wit them. many also got dip, but facing dilemma bcoz of the period of stdy. just make the best decision n what suits ur heart best guys! pray 4 some hints.

looks like my holiday extend for another 2 weeks. ok ok ok.. I CAN WATCH THOMAS CUP!!!... super duper hepppyyy... yeyah!!

but at the same time, im sad... my best bud fails for upu bcoz of nationality matters. ouuhh... i really hope the government bulih trima dia pnya rayuan... she's an excellent student.. one of the straighters.. this is the frst tym we're separated.. we have benn together since kindergarten lagik.. why ooo????

anyway, i just pray for her best in future..this tym we need to b independent to ourselves... hoping that she got the MARA..

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