Sunday, April 11, 2010


sunday is like eating sundae eskrim~ enjoying..heee ;p

receive 2 groups of guests. one b4 bath, the other one after bath. sooo~ lucky to the guests after i took my bath..lalalala~

i dunno what type of drinks to make. hot or cold. if cold, i can make it for sure. but if hot~ only teh o' n susu nespray i can make. if u want more than that~ the answer is 3 IN 1!!!

then, ive got very bad flu. dunno y. then, when im working with dust, its getting worst. im very sensitive to dust. my nose get itchy, my eyes swollen.

but, i really want my abc. hehe... i can hear the musical lorry. lalalala~ my sis shout 4 the presence of abc. im hepi. hehe.. flu doesnt stop me from buying it~

i didnt fill up the zakat sabah form yet. im dead.

im fb-ing (playing fv n treasure isle), blogging n tumb1r-ing all the tym.

wondering, when i will change~lalalala

using up all my money for food~lalalala...

but i receive something today~ a 'note' that change my perspective of life n makes me think until now.......hurmmmm

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