Friday, April 23, 2010

short day

feels like a very short, short n short day for me...time goes by very fast... nothing interested happen on me today..

mna tidak tidur tym subuh after lipat kain, tngu fikirlah sndri nabil (which i watch evry pg2 buta), then, i did watch one tv show, but i force myself to switch off the tv and shut my eyes bcoz its alrdy sbuh... i sleep unti 11.30, itupn after remembered yg today is friday n my adik will get back home early. so, i force myself again to wake up but guess what, after an hour (aftr my adik smpai rmh n after on fb for a while), i go back to sleep.. such a lazy mazy creature..huh.. haha... my mum wake me up to have tapau lunch... but i manage to say 'hmmmm', then i continue to have sleep... i woke up at about 2 pm, then i continue on the fb... what a silly thing... after that bru take shower n having my lunch...

just want to share wit u guys my worst nightmare ever... im involve in a war n im dealing with all the guns... im one of the victim... im save n im actlly acting like a hero..huh... what a nightmare, tp its really worst lah... mcm btul ni... i almost get shoot lah... im running n hide myself... im trying to save others... mmg war gila berabis lah... takut oo... i can see ppl ditembak mati n all..aisyy... so scared laaa...

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