Saturday, April 24, 2010

panda wants to blog

today i have become a panda. officially, but for only a few days. sleeping has been my major problem rite now. im hoping i didnt get insomnia or watsoever. i rarely can sleep at nite, but i absolutely can sleep at daytime.

i become so crazy mazy wit english song rite now
  • muse
  • lady antebellum
  • paramore
  • weezer
  • skye sweetnam
  • lenka
  • owl city
  • michael buble
  • kris allen
  • rihanna
  • westlife
  • mariah carey
  • (too many if i listed)

i rarely listens to malay recently, but still there r some i like

  • tilu
  • aizat

korean? some sorta songs...but still im not so into it

chinese? so-so laa

others? yaa... i like to listen to other language..although didnt understand but i can feel it beb..haha

huh. what a crap am i talkin.....

another addiction?

english movies...huh...

im a hallmarkian n axn-mania... like to watch evrything inside both...

slipar jepun

i cant stand lookin others foot when i saw them wearing slipar jepun..i dont care what ppl gonna say when i wear slipar jpun, im just so in love with slipar jepun.. comfy, cheap,cute=3C its worth it beb!!!

p/s: in the mood of acceptance. trying to accept the truth that im goin to labuan

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