Saturday, April 3, 2010


sab-too=berjual... goin tu MDS early in the morn. agak2 mngantuk as usual. running the bussiness. dealing with eldest. im not use to it. holding ujang. noon. pack all the things. goin home. having lunch.ikan bakar. perghh. smpai home. mengampai. tidurrrr. evening. wake. 0n9. mlm bru mndi. makn. essay ys-terigt on sudden. not yet do. hurmmm.... monday mau pos sdh. ok. kja keras ne mlm to finish it. mnum nescafe, after 2 weeks x mnum. thought x berkesan sgt. rpnya. huh. so, trpksa lipat kain n etc sbb cant sleep. finished my ys essay, tp tulisan buruk mcm bdk tadika. aisyyy.

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