Monday, April 5, 2010

arini brjln seawal 7.20 pagi... syok jgklah jln too many org lah... tem2 mo p krja kn tu.. syok btul ddk d bas, coz i got bas yg ada econ ne. ngam2 econ dia atas kpala...huh..nyaman. journey ke bndr take tym sbb too many cars yg mo p kja kn. im going to see doc wong. appoinment pkul 8. ive managed to b on tym. i need to meet my frens at 11, so i do not have to rush. appoinment finished at 8.50. huh.. still got few hours.. i need to waste my tym... im walkin alone, in n out from few shops. evrybdy lookin at me. huh. after buying a shwl, a small brooch. i give up, i dunno where else to go. huh, jln sturg buhsan jua. aisyy. at 9.30 decide tuk go bndr indah trus. discover sna plak. smpai sna, directly p buku indah bli envelope, then, berjln2 tnpa arah tujuan. ive seen my tuition teacher n oso my promary school teacher.. tp malu mau tgur... hehe... bkn niat tuk menyombong r... dr jam 10 smpai jam 11 tggu drg..huh... pnya bored... sdhlah suma kdai bukak pkul 11 gtu....very tired waiting... i just sit at the stair n listening music.

smapi jak drg trus p the boss..complete ys pnya form.. takut ni..blk2 jua lah re-check... hope dptlah.. brusaha sdh tu mmbt esei...he he

then, directly pos p abx. thx to abx! esk smpai sdh lah tu kk tu form.. arap2 slmt dia terbang..he he.. ok, i think thats the last form yg di apply... still searchin coz bnyk form deadline dia this mid april. so, i must work on it fast!

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