Thursday, April 1, 2010

rainy days

drops of water started to cure the drought facing by the people. molecules of water stops the hunger and craves of the people who longs for it for such a long term. its a bless from god. its a gift from god. some just cant stop sighed because of some of their plans of hanging out postponed. people never been satisfied or grateful for what they already have. when it comes to drought, they need water, but when rain comes without stopping, they start to bubblin... for me, its just the same... sometimes, i will keep sighing oso... but then, i try to think bout it... but 4 me, if its rainy or sunny day, it will never stop me from going out.... i will definitely taste the gift from god... rainy day makes me woke up very super duper late...he he... too enjoying the coldness... typing n generating some ideas for my blog, reminds me of writing an essay for ys schlrship...huhu... i need to work on it... going to send it to abx this monday... wish me bunch of luck guys ;)

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