Thursday, April 1, 2010

acceptance =)

Acceptance. It is the true thing everyone longs for. The one thing everyone craves. To walk in a room and to be greeted by everyone with hugs and smiles. And in that small passing moment, you truly know you're loved, needed, and accepted.

Rena Harmon
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acceptance is the best appearance to b judge through a person. theres no honesty n loyalty without acceptance. to fall in love or to trust someone, we need their acceptance to b with us, to hold us, to stay with us evry single second. if they didnt accept us, let them go, as they actlly only judge us through our personality, not the inside of us. dump them b4 they dump us. do care of ur heart, then u can care bout others. dont u let urself b played by that type of ppl. dont u let urself being a dummy 4 them. dont let urself chasing 4 sumthing that doesnt suit u. be slow in choosing friends, but b slower in changing them. let they think bout it by themselves. when they realize, they will come back to us n beg for a space in our heart. at that moment, accept them n u will b the greatest friend of all.... do forgive n forget :D

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