Monday, April 26, 2010


privacy... hmm... i think all of us need privacy when indeed.
i really need privacy..and i have the rights to voice it out when ppl trying to break the law.
i need privacy not just from unknown ppl, and frens..but also my family..
sometimes, i need to talk or share something without my family knowing it..
but, seems like they were trying very hard to seek for it..
im really pissed off
just imagine when ur privacy also been disturb?
think bout it ppl...
im not against them, but this is what i want.
a life that sometimes need to b away from family.
not all, but at least a little part of my life need it...
if not, i have to be someone else, someone that had been controlled like a ROBOT.
i dont wanna live in a hypocrisy, i just wanna b me...
so, privacy please?

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