Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a day

i start to sleep early, although not too early la.he he. i woke up early (thx to the postman). ive got the letter n still im doin nothing, i just 'have to' read it.

i go for a haircut on evening. nice one. thumbs up to the cheche. new hairstylist at the saloon.

watching angrh skn ngra at nyte. huh. luckily i get bored and play wit the button info. the pocket rocket win n im very happy..hee~

ive got the first heart attack today, piala thomas n uber starts on 9th of mei!! huhu... its pathetic.. 8th 0f mei, starts to get out of this house alrdy...so...aisyy... dunno wat to say la

2nd heart atack is when, i just start to admire this athlete (the pocket rocket boy) n then i found out that he's married... huhu...

anyway, thats all for now.. daa~

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